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Samples of our work

  We have been designing web pages and web sites for over 6 years. Featured below are a few examples of templates you can choose from for our template based services as well as custome web sites we have designed and are currently maintaining for our customers. We have designed sites for churches, organizations and businesses. Our prices are very affordable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (334) 678-9075.  

Examples of our Custom Site Designs

One Page Web Sites

J.J. On The Spot Auto Cleaning Service -

Dewaynes Paint & Body -

Machroyce Janitorial Service -

Custom Web Site

Jeffrey Wooden International -

Kingdom Centers -

United Christian Fellowship International -

Bama Boyz -

Coach Victor Laurie "Keep It Simple" -

Derrels Sewing & Vacuum Center -

"Pure Butter" by Dr. Myland Brown - -

USKA Scorpion Karate Dojo -

Design with affiliate Service

Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Alabama State Conference -

Hawk Houston Boys & Girls Club -


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Web Design Prices

Custom Web Design


We offer basic web design to advanced web page designing. You can have Video, Pictures, Flash, Java Scripts, PHP, etc. The prices below are our basic site design prices which include 100 words of text, 3 to 4 photographs per page, and custom template design. Hosting and Domain name registration is offered through one of our affiliate companies and is paid for separately.

If you do not need maintenance for your site you may renew each year at $150.00. If you need maintenance for your site, we can setup a pay as needed plan or you can pay our monthly maintenance fees listed below.

  1 Page Web Site $50-100 incl. Designing of web page and Consulting.  
  2-3 Page Web Site $150-250 incl. Designing of web pages and Consulting.  
  4-5 Page Web Site $300-399 incl. Designing of web page and Consulting.  
  10 -19 Page Web Site
Commerce Site with Paypal
$600-$1000 incl. Designing of web page and Consulting.  
  20 or more Page
Commerce Site with Paypal
Starts at $1000.00  
  Forms Add $50-$100  
  The prices above are for basic information web page designing. Each web page includes up to 100 words of text and up to 6 pictures (provided by purchaser), unlimited graphics & choice of background color or image. More advance designs are subject to hourly charges. Price does not include Maintenance of site, changes will be charged based on changes needed. Mininum charge of $25.00.  

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Monthly Maintenance Packages

  From time to time you may need changes made to your site. Some more than others. If you think you will be changing your site on a monthly basis, we offer you the opportunity to have a maintenance plan. The plan includes replacing pictures, changing text, replacing coupon adds and much more. The prices below are for our basic maintenance plan. We can customize the prices based on your needs.  
  Basic Maintenance of Site - Pictures and Text
(includes up to 5 changes a month)
$25 a month  
  Intermediate Maintenance of Site - Flash, Pictures and Text
(includes up to 5 changes a month)
$50 a month  
  Advanced Maintenance of Site - Shopping Carts, Forms, Video, Pictures
(includes up to 5 changes a month)
$100 a month  
  The prices listed above are for standard changes within reason. Graphic work may cost additional as well as typing over 100 words of text. Shopping carts, databases, flash, etc. may require more work and web space. These things would of course increase prices. A special maintenance package may be setup for your company based on your unique needs. Feel FREE to call (334) 678-9075 for more information.  

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Design your own site/ Do It yourself
by going to the following links:

Do It Yourself 30 FREE Trial
We offer web design consulting service for your business, Church and organization. If you wish to do it yourself, we can show you how. Our consulting fees start at $50.00 an hour depending on the job. We can also show you how to create web pages on your own and update them yourself. Below are some links to business that offer hosting, domain registration, and even web design. If you are interested in these services, feel free to give us a call at (334) 678-9075 or (334) 655-0417.
  The New Doster Hosting  
  DreamTemplate - Web Templates  

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If you are interested in listing your business in our directory either call
us at Office: (334) 678-9075 or Cell: (334) 655-0417 or e-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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