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Welcome To On Point with Instead of saying is on the scene or something like that, we decided to keep it short and sweet. This section features events and activities in Dothan and the Wiregrass Area we have attended. Some events may be outside the Wiregrass Area, but if attended it and shot video or took pictures, it will be posted here. You may even find your picture in this section. If an artist comes to town and we are there to shoot the pictures or the video, you will see it here first. We may not always get to update this section immediatly after an event, so keep on checking and stay on point with
  September 29, 2012
AKA Sickle Cell Walk
  October 6, 2012
Landmark Park Car Show
  October 13, 2012
Rally for President Barack Obama
  October 19, 2012
Foster Fest Pictures



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